Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the objectives of this project?

    A: The prime objective of this project is to reconstruct the road. As a part of this project, the County will also address the drainage issue at Maiden Lane, upgrade the existing traffic signals, and construct new sidewalk to provide continuity for pedestrians along the full length of the project.

  2. Where will pedestrians cross New York Drive to stay on the sidewalk as the sidewalk meanders between north and south?

    A: Pedestrians will need to cross New York Drive at Hill Avenue, Sinaloa Avenue, and Allen Avenue.

  3. Will the road be striped for bike lanes?

    A: No, the road is too narrow to allow the addition of bike lanes.

  4. Will there be trash collection during construction?

    A: Yes. The contractor will work with Athens Services to ensure that trash collection continues as currently scheduled.

  5. What will happen to the rock drainage channel on the north side, between Allen Avenue and Altadena Drive?

    A: No changes are proposed to the rock drainage channel. It will remain in place as is.

  6. Can the existing rock drainage channel be covered with a sidewalk?

    A: The existing rock drainage channel is not structurally designed to support the weight of a sidewalk and is too high relative to the roadway. Any changes to the rock drainage channel are beyond the scope of this project.

  7. Is it necessary to construct curb and gutter where currently there is none?

    A: The County's design criteria for urban roadways recommends curb and gutter which defines the edge of the roadway and functions as a drainage feature.

  8. Will emergency vehicles have access during construction?

    A: The contractor will be required to maintain emergency vehicle access at all times.

  9. Will the speed limit change?

    A: The posted speed limit will remain as is.